The villa

The villa in the pinewood of Marina di Castagneto Carducci that we are presenting fits right in that niche of quality architecture realized between 1958 and 1960 from the plans of the Turin architect Gabriele Manfredi. It is characterized by the presence of a main structure constructed on two levels with a horizontal orientation,  generous glazed windows set off by rustic plaster surfaces and by a secondary body entirely clad in limestone, different in its volumetric register and the placement of openings. The juxtaposition of the two volumes is resolved with evident contrasts but not without a certain poetry, considering that the building is immersed in a tree-lined park of about 2770 square meters with a topography influenced by the presence of dunes.

The architecture of the villa does not seek to be camouflaged in the surrounding landscape but manifests, instead, a dignified and persistent presence and though if artificial in character, it is nevertheless perfectly integrated. In addition to the austere geometries contrasting with the persistent curvilinear dune lines, the system of openings and the large plastered surfaces all testify to it.

Immersion within pinewoods is the defining characteristic of the property’s landscape. This has two advantages in that the villa and all of its outer peripheries are not visible from the surrounding public roads, only the presence of numerous pines that dot the property, and the other is that any view of the urban landscape of Marina di Castagneto is blocked by the thick surrounding vegetation.