The Oleandro residence

  • Marina di Castagneto, Italia
  • 26°, Sunny

The residence is a duplex with triple aspect. The entrance is located on the north side; the main living areas overlook a pine forest to the south. The day rooms on the ground floor include an entrance area, main bathroom, open-plan dining area and kitchen, and a large living room opening onto the garden. A granite staircase, part of the original structure of the villa dating from the late 1950s and restored, allows access to the upper floor where the two bedrooms are located and the bathroom with a view of the pinewood.

The Oleandro residence has been designed to allow a living experience in direct contact with nature, complete with all kinds of comforts, ideal as a home that can be lived in all year round. Large sliding glass doors on both sides of the house directly connect the living area with the outside and the pine forest, so that the living room seems to be immersed in a true portion of the Mediterranean landscape. The balconies of the upper floor and the large glazed surfaces allow the bedrooms to enjoy a continuous and direct view of the greenery. The upstairs bathroom, with its large sliding glass door, has the feeling of a wellness space among the pines.

The materials – wood, porcelain stoneware, stone and cementized resins – are used in a natural way, so that they blend in color and texture with those of the garden.


Entrance:  6.8655 m²

Kitchen: 15.088 m²

Living area:  36.616 m²

Bathroom:  4.9105 m²

Room 1:  21.16 m²

Room 2:  13.0065 m²

Bathroom 1:  5.2325 m²

Discharge PP:  11.0055 m²

Total including solar greenhouses:  113.8845 m²